110 Alexandr Shabalin
Large Landing Ship, Ropucha class
Built year 1985
Builder: Stocznia Północna shipyards, Gdansk, Poland
L: 112,50m
B: 15m
D: 3,70m
Displacement: 4080 tonnes
Capacity: 2 coupled 57-mm gun mounts AK-725
2 launchers of MLRS A-215 Grad-M
4 launchers of MANPADS Strela-2
Up to 500 tonnes of armor vehicles and 225 marines
Propulsion: Codad powerplant, two screws, total power is 19,200 shp
Operational range: 6,000 miles at 12 knots
Crew: 87
Speed: 18 knots
Flag: Russian
Photo: Mats Persson
Webbgalleri med jAlbum, Gromit 40